Short story with pictures

This is the beginning...

This is a great photo of Kasa Bela, we loved it, but never used. It is too similar to the famous photo of Beatles walking across the Abbey road, London.

Daniel marching in a festival proudly with his "new" bass. It was a real adventure to get it from the village-musician. This instument can be heard in the famous fileld-collection "SZEKI GYUJTES" and also in the "PATRIA" series.
Later this instrument was broken in the ..... airport into thousands of small pieces, practically impossible to repair it.

It was taken in the farm of Kasa Bela in Ullo.

MUZSIKAS in the 80s, this picture was taken by Kasa Bela in his "farm", in Ullo, not far from Budapest. The band was always shy to "pose" in front of a photographer to make "usable" pictures for promotion. Bela was a good person to make us ralaxed, like Marta wearing this hat.

The great rock-star of Hungary in out teen-age was Levente Szorenyi, the solo guitarist and vocalist of Illes. This time we played with him in the stage when his new album's tour

This picture was taken after the studio recording of the film "Music Box" directed by Costa Gavras (who is in the middle of the photo). First he wanted use only one soundtrack from our record, finally we played 20 minutes in the film. This film was voted as the best film in the Berlin International Filmfestival winning the "Golden Bear" price.

MUZSIKAS in the 90s. This picture was taken in Barcelona. We were touring in Spain, the album Morning Star was already mixed, but we had no good photo. Therefore Joe Boyd from Hannibal Records orgainsed a photo-session with an excellent photographer from Madrid. He came to Barcelona, brought us to the ruins of an old church and made several hundreds (!) of pictures. We were sure to have then enough different pictures for the future. Then he sent only ONE! This one.

Again in Barcelona on the 16th of March 2003. We had a day off and we couldn go for a short sightseeing in this beautiful Catalonian city. Anrdás Gulyás was our guide. We visited the famous Güell park of Gaudi.